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Shari Landers, James Landers, James Andrews
"We went camping one time with our friends Oscar and Sharon it was raining like crazy but did we go home, no were bad asses. We get the tent set up a fire started and beer drinking going.It gets dark and we get this idea to stay dry we will get in the back of the pickup under the canopy so we hop in leaving the tailgate down but closing the top. so we are drinking and laughing and ;laughing then dead silence. we all jump out of the back of the pickup gasping for air we took a propane lamp in with us almost killed ourselves dumbasses not badasses." -James Andrews

Shari as a little one
"She [Shari] showed up like 3 tents down from me.. my mom, right? It had been like 3 months since I had seen her. Then all of the sudden she was at the rainbow gathering with John. Yeh." -Chris Tudor

John Landers, James Landers, Adair Tudor, Shari Landers (3/4 of her kids at a family friend's wedding)
"Shari bought the kids a Nintendo for Christmas one year. She started noticing weird behavior from the kids, they began to fight over who was going to play with it. She didn’t realize that this would happen with such an exciting new toy in the house. She finally took it away. She smuggled it upstairs into her bedroom to see what the fuss was about. Hours later when the sun was coming up, Shari had bags under her eyes from playing video games all night. She soon realized how addicting and fun the Nintendo was.
On a side note: James recently told Shari that he & Chris would unwrap the Nintendo every night to play the video games. They would then re-wrap the console so Shari would never find out!!" -Sofia Urrutia-Lopez

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