Monday, July 28, 2014

Her Story

Shari Christine Adair Landers passed into her perfect form peacefully surrounded by her loved ones on Saturday, July 19th, 2014. Her untamed spirit is carried on by her 4 children, 3 grandchildren, 3 siblings, 3 fish, 2 cats, 1 dog, and an extended family of relations and friends from every walk of life.

Shari made her debut in the pages on the day of her birth, January 1st, 1961 as the New Years Baby in Reno, NV and grew up fast in Phoenix, AZ/Tacoma, WA. A true trailblazer and Jill of all trades she became the first woman pipefitter in Louisiana, as well as a welder, carpenter, pot farmer, crypt caretaker, small business owner, Kool Aid mom, longshore-woman, Bering Sea fisherwoman, a life long purveyor and connoisseur of the finest drugs, and an amazing mother. Her nonconformist disposition made her an outlaw in the Hunter S. Thompson sort of way (as well as the normal outlaw kind of way) leading her to many adventures throughout her life. She held a “DIY" attitude close to her heart and it allowed her to accomplish anything she set out to do no matter who or what stood in her path. Shari’s spirit had her hitch hiking across states when she was 10, deported from Canada when she was 12, and building a cabin in Alaska when she was 13. All of her life she was a spiritual being who “took the best and left the rest;” believing in angels, miracles, aliens, other dimensions, and karma. She followed no one but herself and cherished music, sharing her likes and discoveries with anyone that was interested.  Whether wearing high heels and a dress or a pair of steel toed work boots and a flannel she always maintained a comfortable look of grace and beauty, turning heads both on the street and on the work site. Though you would never know it by looking at her she had a high affinity for rich and delicious food, often squirrelling away to her bedroom to gorge on a big t-bone steak or a hearty lasagna. Her gigantic heart was always willing to love unconditionally and she always extended herself to others...especially to the animals. The more damaged the person or animal-  the more she loved them. Truly one of a kind and a passionately caring woman to all of her friends and family, she is leaving behind a tremendous legacy.

In celebration of her life, a well attended vigil was held for three days in Seattle, Washington. Shari was cremated and her ashes will be made into seed bombs, per her wishes. The flowers will be planted and blossom throughout the U.S. to remind others of what a beautiful, strong, lively and bold woman she was. She will be missed by all.